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Best Podcasts all time: Mithali Raj and her words of wisdom

Best Podcasts all time

Mithali Raj and Twinkle Khanna: Icons in Their Own Right: Best Podcasts all time

In an old episode of Tweak India’s podcast, two icons from different walks of life came together for an engaging conversation. Mithali Raj, the cricketing legend, and Twinkle Khanna, the multifaceted author and entrepreneur, shared insights into their lives, careers, and the journey to becoming icons in their respective fields.

The podcast kicks off with a light-hearted exchange about trying new sports, with Mithali expressing her unexpected interest in pickleball despite her lifelong dedication to cricket. Twinkle humorously imagines Mithali leading India in pickleball at 50, highlighting the idea that icons are not limited by age or boundaries.

The conversation then delves deeper into what it takes to be considered an icon. Mithali reflects on her journey from a young girl passionate about dance to becoming one of India’s most celebrated cricketers. She credits her father for instilling discipline and breaking gender stereotypes by encouraging her to pursue cricket alongside her brother.

Twinkle acknowledges Mithali’s resilience in overcoming challenges, both on and off the field. From dealing with injuries to navigating societal expectations, Mithali’s determination shines through. She shares anecdotes about her mother’s sacrifices and the support she received from her family throughout her career.

Best Podcasts all time;  Mithali Raj

As the discussion progresses, Mithali opens up about the mental aspect of cricket, emphasizing the importance of resilience and focus. She recounts playing with a knee injury and the mental strength required to perform under pressure, highlighting the less visible but equally crucial side of sports.

Reflecting on the disparity between men’s and women’s cricket, Mithali shares her experiences of being overlooked and undervalued in the early days of her career. Despite facing discrimination and limited recognition, she remained focused on her passion for the game, driven by her desire to make her family proud.

Twinkle acknowledges the changing landscape for women in sports and entertainment, where age is no longer a barrier to success. She applauds Mithali for paving the way for future generations of women athletes and challenging stereotypes about women’s capabilities.

In the latter part of the podcast, the conversation turns to life after retirement for athletes. Mithali shares her transition from a disciplined athlete to embracing a more relaxed lifestyle. She emphasizes the importance of balance and self-care, prioritizing sleep and leisure activities.

As the podcast concludes, Mithali and Twinkle reflect on the joys of life beyond the spotlight. Despite their different paths to success, both women embody the essence of icons—perseverance, resilience, and the courage to chart their own course in a world full of challenges and opportunities.

In a world where icons are often celebrated for their achievements on the surface, Mithali Raj and Twinkle Khanna remind us that true greatness lies in the journey—the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs that shape their legacy for generations to come. As we bid farewell to this insightful conversation, we are left inspired by the timeless wisdom and grace of these two extraordinary women.

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