Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Stumble Guys sees two major new additions, and the return of its SpongeBob collaboration

  • SpongeBob is back in Stumble Guys!
  • But that’s not the biggest news, there’s two major new additions starting with Ranked Mode
  • In addition there’s Abilities, special emotes you can equip and use during the game

It’s a fairly big addition in any game when the return of a collaboration with as beloved a franchise and series as SpongeBob is at the bottom of the press release. But while Stumble Guys is eager to promote the return of the absorbent, porous and yellow fry-cook, there’s even bigger fish to fry in this latest update.

The first of which is Ranked Mode. Yes, no longer will you have to endure such things as fun when you go head-to-head with other players. Clamber up the leaderboard through ranks – Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Master all the way to Champion. Each ranked season will have its own theme, starting with this season and Blockdash.

The second major addition is Abilities. Don’t worry, these aren’t anything game-changing, but they will let you unlock and equip special emotes to use throughout your Stumble Guys matches. Whether that’s to celebrate or mock your opponents as you make your way through the Stumble Guys courses.

Stumble to the top

Stumble Guys has managed to outpace some of its inspirations with collaborations and other additions. But the inclusion of Ranked Mode is sure to give a new lease of life to those of you who want a bit of pressure to liven up their matches.

Meanwhile, the return of such a famous face as SpongeBob is sure to pleasure fans both old and young as they board the eerie Flying Dutchman and unlock new Stumblers based on their favourite characters.

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