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Squad Busters tier list – characters to build your squad with


With Heavy you don’t want to be moving around too much. He increases his attack speed when he’s stationery, so the more you stay in one spot, the faster Heavy’s attacks will be. Further Evolutions will boost this, so if he fits your playstyle, try to get him at least 2* so he can also heal.

El Primo

El Primo is a decent Defender that has sustain. He can heal some of his HP back at higher Evolutions, but even without being maxed out, he is still extremely tanky.


Max is all about speed. With Max on your team, you want to hunt down enemies to further enhance this speed buff, and also have units that fit nicely in a team with him.


Barbarian is the first Squad Busters character you unlock but he’s also a very good one. He deals melee damage, and his synergy at higher Evolutions with other Barbarians is downright amazing.


Mortis is the equivalent of a Necromancer in Squad Busters. He can revive 3 dead Monsters in the team, and at maximum Evolution, he can be a force to be reckoned with. At maximum rank, the enemies killed can also spawn Bats, thus increasing your team’s numbers by A LOT.


If you like bees, Bea is your girl. She can pick up Hives to summon bees, which has a pretty good effect when used correctly. It’s not an easy character to play with, but once mastered, these bees can really come in handy!


Bo could easily be an S-tier character at max Evolution. He is a beast in PvE (vs Monsters), but extremely fragile, having one of the lowest HPs in the game. When picking Bo, you want to either have a full team of PvE characters and try to avoid PvP at all costs or just play something else.


If you love Spells, then Wizard is your guy. He lets you have 2 Spells at once when he reaches 2*, and he can work extremely well in most teams, for both PvE and PvP.

Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard has some really powerful spells that if you manage to hit can deal a lot of damage to your enemies. On top of that his kit includes crowd control in the form of freeze. On the flip side, Ice Wizard is weak on his own due to his very low health. He needs a team around him to support him.


Dr. T can unleash his Mega Crab to chase other Squads and ignore normal monsters. Decent overall but nothing extraordinary.


Jesse spawns after opening a chest and in her super form (Ultra) she drops a turret spell that allows you to place Scrappy anywhere you want.


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