Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Solo Leveling: Arise adds new SSR hunter with Yoo Soohyun

  • Solo Leveling Arise’s newest hunter is Yoo Soohyun
  • This part-time super-model and hunter specialises in breaking through enemy defences
  • Her skills allow her to concentrate damage into single, devastating attacks

Solo Leveling: Arise, the action RPG based on the hit webtoon and animation series, is adding a new character to its existing roster of hunters. As of the time of writing, you can recruit the new fire-type SSR mage Yoo Soohyuun to your team.

Specialising in breaking through enemy defences, Yoo Soohyun is a part-time hunter and supermodel. Her ultimate skill ‘Zeroed-in Blast’ lets her unleash a barrage of energy, while her Trick Shot and Kill Shot abilities both specialise in massive damage from single or double shots.

Soohyun’s debut also comes alongside the introduction of the new Battlefield of Trials Challenge. This set of challenges tasks players with clearing stages and missions in return for valuable rewards. There’s also a new SSR Phoenix Soul available for main character Sung Jinwoo to equip, alongside some special summer events with check-in rewards.

All by myself

We’ve praised Solo Leveling Arise previously for its concept, and we expected to see further polish to it. While Solo Leveling itself isn’t necessarily a well-known series overseas, we’d be loathe not to admit that the developers have done a good job continuously updating with new characters drawn from it.

Yoo Soohyun will also debut with growth events and other perks to help players get her up to scratch with the rest of their (assumedly high-level) team. So check in on her, starting today!

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