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Pokémon Go players find love in Madrid as proposals flood Go Fest

  • Pokémon Go Fest Madrid was a major success, and not just in terms of player attendance
  • Five couples went on camera to share their proposals
  • And happily, all five said yes!

We all remember the halcyon days when Pokémon Go first released, and the joy of exploring our local streets and parks hunting down Pikachus. And while it isn’t necessarily the global phenomenon it once was, Pokémon Go still has millions of steadfast players.

These dedicated Poké-fans turned out in droves for the recent Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid, Spain (which we covered previously) and toured the city hunting down rare appearances, meeting other players and generally celebrating the game. But for some of these attendees, it wasn’t just Pokéballs that were in the air, but love.

Yes, as it turns out Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid turned out to be a prime spot for some couples who shared a love of the game to finally pop the question. At least five couples went on camera to ask ‘Will you?’ and all five got a ‘Yes’ in reply.

Marriage in Madrid

“It was just the right time. After 8 years of relationship, the last 6 of them being long-distance, we have finally managed to settle in the same place. We have just started living together and this is the best way of celebrating the start of our new life,” commented Martina, who proposed to her partner Shaun at the event.

Taking place earlier last month, Pokémon Go Fest Madrid proved to be a major hit, drawing in over 190,000 attendees. Which, while it pales in comparison to visits from football fanatics, is still a number not to be sniffed at, events-wise.

Niantic’s decision to offer a special package to those proposing certainly means there must be more than a few who simply didn’t go on record with their question. But regardless, it shows that there are more than a few couples who wouldn’t be together without Pokémon Go.

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