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Haze Piece fruit tier list

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Haze Piece Fruit Tier List: S-tier

S-tier fruits are the best of the best skills, offering the most significant advantages. Here are the S-tier fruits you should aim to use:

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Devil Fruit, a mythical variant falling under the transformation category, grants you the extraordinary ability to morph into a formidable dragon. When fully manifested in draconic form, you acquire remarkable strength, resilience, and the capacity for flight. The fruit’s capabilities seamlessly enhance the dragon transformation, incorporating numerous destructive techniques into your arsenal.

Among these techniques is the ability to unleash a lethal blast breath, propelling scorching beams to annihilate your adversaries. At elevated levels, the fruit enables the creation of violet rain, generating an explosive purple mist. Additionally, you can use blast bullets, releasing a rapid barrage of hellfire upon your foes.

The Tornado technique sees you rapidly spinning, forming a swirling vortex that draws in and shreds opponents. The fruit’s roar produces a concussive shockwave capable of devastating the surrounding area. With its formidable offensive capabilities and the awe-inspiring transformation it bestows, the Dragon Fruit currently stands at the pinnacle of the game.


Darkness Fruit

Darkness fruit

The Darkness Devil Fruit allows you to generate and manipulate darkness. Its fundamental skill, Dark Fly, achieved at level 30, transforms your body into a shadowy form, facilitating flight. The hallmark technique, Black Hole, summons a formidable dark vortex to engulf and crush adversaries. Dark Vortex, on the other hand, draws foes inward for close-quarters assaults.

At higher proficiency levels, the Darkness Fruit unveils Dark Ball, an explosive projectile comprised of pure darkness, and Black Dragon, a dragon-shaped aura of shadows summoned for potent strikes. The pinnacle move, Darkness Emperor, produces a colossal sphere of pitch-black energy that detonates upon impact.

Possessing versatile ranged attacks and the ability for transportation through shadowy flight, the Darkness Fruit is recognised as one of the most formidable Logia types. Its possessor can immerse foes in terrifying darkness.


Magma Fruit

Magma fruit

Belonging to the esteemed legendary class, the Magma Devil Fruit rightfully secures its position among the S-tier. Staying true to its Logia classification, this extraordinary fruit empowers you to undergo a transformative process, turning your body into magma.

This metamorphosis bestows unparalleled offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing you to unleash scorching hot magma to take out enemies from a distance while minimizing the risk of sustaining damage. Additionally, you acquire the unique ability to traverse water surfaces by vaporizing it beneath your feet.

Beyond its ranged magma skills, the Magma Fruit provides a formidable flight capability, allowing you to engage in aerial combat. To add the finishing touch, its incendiary ultimate move delivers absolute destruction.


Phoenix Fruit

Phoenix fruit

The fabled Phoenix Devil Fruit grants the ability to transform into a phoenix after reaching level 30. In this state, you embody the legendary firebird, acquiring the faculties of flight, pyrokinesis, and regeneration. Upon reaching level 30, you gain the ability to unleash fiery attacks while in phoenix form. The fruit’s level 60 attribute enables you to execute a potent striking attack, utilising the phoenix’s formidable wings and talons.

At level 90, the Healing Flame ability is unlocked, allowing you to heal any wounds.
Upon reaching level 150, you unlock Slamming Impact, a devastating blow that hits enemies with the overwhelming force of the phoenix’s immense strength and speed. Renowned as one of the rarest and most versatile mythical zoan types, the Phoenix Fruit stands out with its potent transformation and fiery capabilities.


Magnet Fruit

The Magnet Devil Fruit provides mastery over magnetism, allowing manipulation of magnetic forces for offensive and defensive purposes. Through the use of this fruit, you gain control over various magnetic techniques. The Junk Arm Slap skill coats your arm in scrap metal and delivers a forceful blow to enemies through magnetic impact. Magnetic projectiles unleash a barrage of metallic debris endowed with magnetism. In close-quarters combat, the Magnetic Slap employs a magnetic palm strike to repel enemies.

At advanced levels, the magnetic devastation creates a widespread shockwave, while the railgun propels metal projectiles at extreme speeds. Exhibiting a combination of versatile ranged and melee attacks, coupled with the ability to construct robust magnetic barriers, the Magnet Fruit stands out as one of the most adaptable Paramecia types. Its possessor can overpower adversaries and safeguard themselves by harnessing the potent force of magnetism.


Gum Fruit


The Gum Devil Fruit has four unique awakenings, each making you stronger and faster. It also allows you to fly. Overall, it is a remarkably potent and versatile fruit.

I’ll leave the discovery of each gear’s skills to you since they are some of the best animated skills in the game. You’ll never get bored of them, and every One Piece fan will have the chance to try out Luffy’s powerful attack on foes. However, keep in mind that there are certain criteria you need to meet to unlock these abilities.


Haze Piece Fruit tier list: A-tier

flaming fruit

In terms of raw power, the A-tier fruits on our Haze Piece Fruit tier list closely trail the S-tier, providing substantial benefits although they are slightly lacking compared to S-tier

From here, the information will be more concise, highlighting the most crucial points for each fruit.

  • Flame Fruit: Interesting speedy skills that ignite huge fires.
  • Gravity Fruit: Offers unique gravity attacks and flight.
  • Lightning Fruit: Boasts very fast moves, great damage (not the highest), and teleportation.
  • Snow Fruit: Exhibits a wide range of skills covering a vast area.
  • Mammoth Fruit: Ideal for farming with great AoE smash moves.
  • Gas Fruit: Possesses significant AoE abilities along with speed and jump boosts.
  • Buddha Fruit: Grants the ability to transform into an invincible Buddha form, causing great damage.
  • Light Fruit: Enables fast teleportation and an ultimate laser beam attack.
  • Control Fruit: Excellent for both farming and PvP.
  • Ice Fruit: Freezes enemies while boosting the user’s defence.
  • String Fruit: Has five different effective moves, essentially turning you into Spider-Man.


Haze Piece Fruit tier list: B-tier

Bomb from Haze Piece

The B-tier fruits on our Haze Piece Fruit lier list remain quite powerful, offering decent mechanics but with some downsides.

  • Bomb Fruit: Provides average AoE damage.
  • Sand Fruit: Offers a tornado, flight, and average AoE damage.
  • Barrier Fruit: Creates defensive barriers and ranged moves, though lacks offensive damage.
  • Quake Fruit: Delivers average damage with the added impact of a Tsunami Ultimate.


Haze Piece Fruit tier list: C-tier

Paw fruit

The C-tier fruits on our Haze Piece Fruit tier list fall below average and may not be worth using.

  • Paw Fruit: Mediocre moves with no real standouts.
  • Spin Fruit: Offers basic flight ability and is considered very bad.
  • Chop Fruit: Provides sword immunity but has otherwise awful moves.
  • Spike Fruit: Has two mediocre damage-dealing skills.
  • Clear Fruit: Allows you to turn invisible, except you remain visible, rendering it useless.
  • Smoke Fruit: Similar to sand but with less damage.

With this, we come to the end of our Haze Piece fruit tier list. If you have any thoughts on it, let’s discuss them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out our Roblox codes for Haze Piece to claim free Exp, race spins, and gems.

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