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Epic Fantasy tier list – best heroes to collect and use


S Tier

  • Lucas
  • Okasio
  • Libra
  • Dike
  • Hera
  • Gland
  • Gwen
  • Grace
  • Kurt
  • Amon
  • Tyrant
  • Adrian
  • Circe
  • Tindareos
  • George
  • Kalman
  • Antras
  • Claire

The heroes in this tier are some of the strongest selections you can pick out of the entire roster. They have the highest base stats, their playstyle is quite versatile, and they have the best abilities in-game by far and large compared to the rest of the heroes. Naturally, they are also majorly from the SSR rarity.

Notes on Hera

The SSR Dark elemental Mage, is quite literally the classic definition of DPS. She has a high base critical hit rate, attack, and critical hit damage ratios. Further, her basic attack increases her critical hit rate by 30% for each negative effect present on the enemy. You can see this trend continue as the rest of her abilities also deal additional damage and provide Hera bonus effects the more negative effects the targeted enemy is inflicted with.

Notes on Okasio

Okasio remains to be one of the most wanted heroes in Epic Fantasy due to her usability as an Action bar manipulator and turn 1 opener in the PvP game modes. Okasio’s passive ability provides a flat 10% Attack Speed to all allies indefinitely, which boosts the mobility of your allies greatly. Further, her 2nd active ability is an AOE-targeted buffing ability that provides all allies with an Increased Attack Speed buff for 2 turns along with increasing their Action gauge by 20%. Okasio’s 3rd active skill is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that deals tons of Physical damage to enemies along with inflicting Weaken debuff for 2 turns. Weakened enemies take 20% more damage from all areas of the game.


A Tier

Elizabeth - Epic Fantasy character

  • Elizabeth
  • Aria
  • Lukas
  • Kain
  • Jade
  • Karma
  • Scarlett
  • Crystal
  • Julia
  • Dice
  • Lily
  • Gluca

Notes on Elizabeth

Elizabeth is definitely one that can be argued as an S tier hero due to her versatile nature. She is one of the best AOE-targeted buff removers that can target heroes like Hera in PvP game modes. But that’s the problem – she’s only useful in PvP aspects of Epic Fantasy. Her 3rd active ability is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that first removes all buffs from enemies, and if the buffs are removed successfully, then the enemies are stunned for 1 turn as well. Elizabeth’s passive ability states that every time she takes a turn, she inflicts a Weaken debuff to a random enemy for 1 turn.

Notes on Kain

Kain on the other hand, is a Fire elemental Debuffer type hero that specialises in landing tons of debuffs to the enemies to lower their defence resistances. His 2nd ability is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that inflicts Defence down and Unrecoverable debuffs on all enemies for 2 turns each while granting himself another turn instantly. Kain’s 3rd ability is a single targeted execution skill that ignores Unkillable buffs and further destroys targets’ 50% MAX HP. He is considered one of the best tank killers in the game even after 1 year since release.


B Tier

Reinhardt character in Epic Fantasy

  • Heintz
  • Qasim
  • Arhard
  • Reinhardt
  • Michael
  • Bellone
  • Dike
  • Diele
  • Elsa
  • Roxy
  • Irene

Notes on Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a Dark elemental Tanker that can also be played as an offensive bruiser due to his abilities dealing damage according to his own MAX HP. His 3rd active ability Shield Bash is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that has a 50% chance of inflicting Silence debuff on all enemies for 1 turn while granting himself an Endurance buff for 1 turn. The endurance buff helps Reinhardt survive no matter what unless the buff is removed or stripped. He also has a leader ability that increases all allies’ HP by 15%.

Notes on Michael

Michael is another Tanker type hero that is predominantly used only in the PvP aspects of Epic Fantasy. He specialises in countering enemies that have Immortality buffs such as Reinhardt himself. Michael’s 2nd active ability Hammer of Retribution is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that ignores all Immortality and Death Resistance buffs on the enemies while dealing heavy physical damage to them. Further, this skill reduces the action gauge of all enemies by 50% each while granting Michael a Lifesteal buff for 2 turns.


C Tier

Lancelor character

  • Lancelot
  • Camilla
  • Aaren
  • Vladimir
  • Lilia
  • Chacha
  • Galard
  • Markon
  • Balta

Majority of the heroes you will find in this tier are going to be base SR rarity heroes. This is because of the fact that their base stats are quite lower compared to SSR rarity heroes along with offering lacklustre abilities as well. However, some heroes do shine in this category, such as Lancelot.

Notes on Lancelot

Lancelot is perhaps one of the best Tanks among the SR heroes due to the sheer survivability buffs he provides himself with. His 3rd skill Lord of War is an active ability that provides Lancelot with Threat 3, Counter 3, and Increased Defense 2 buffs for 2 turns each while also providing him Action Gauge reduction immunity for 1 turn. This means Lancelot is bound to counter all incoming attacks that either target him or all allies while also dealing a significant amount of damage in return. It’s advised to build him with high defence since his skill’s damage scales with his Defense stat.

Notes on Vladimir

Vladimir being true to the lore, is a blood-sucking vampire that is classified as a Debuffer in Epic Fantasy. His 2nd active ability Bloody Scythe is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that deals physical damage equal to the enemy’s MAX HP and inflicts Unrecoverable debuff for 2 turns. Further, this skill also reduces the action gauge of all enemies by 50% each. Vladimir has 2 passives where the former provides him CC immunity indefinitely and the latter provides all allies with 20% Critical Hit Rate.


D Tier

Adin character is at the bottom of the Epic Fantasy tier list

  • Adin
  • Driton
  • Sasquatch Magician
  • Caldon Assault
  • Caldon Magician
  • Crowan
  • Elf Magician
  • Shark Warrior
  • Werewolf Predator
  • Werewolf Magician
  • Pirate Guard Chief
  • Caldon Dragonknight
  • Sasquatch Berserker
  • Sasquatch Archer
  • Lizardman Gladiator
  • Elf Guardian

These heroes are some of the worst ones and ideally, you should be replacing them as soon as possible with any of the options mentioned above. Resources are quite abundant while summoning currency provided is low at the start of the game. Hence, investing in lower-rarity heroes becomes quite mandatory unless you’re extremely lucky.

Out of the choices in this tier, Adin definitely seems average at best. He has a unique passive called Hunting Instinct where he always removes 1 beneficial effect from the enemy while attacking and also increases his action gauge by 10% when attacking an enemy that has a beneficial effect. Adin’s 3rd active ability Slash of Gale is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that deals physical damage to all enemies and inflicts an Unrecoverable debuff for 2 turns each. The damage multipliers on this ability aren’t that great, so don’t expect to do crazy good damage.

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