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Elemental Powers Tycoon tier list of powers

By Supriya Karia Jul 11, 2024 #Android #iPhone #Roblox




Thunder is among the super-broken characters in EPT, with a Killua-like appearance. It’s understandable why it’s OP; it has an exciting and all-around kit with damage and a long-duration stun. Even though you can fly around on Nimbus like Goku, there’s no Kamehameha. Instead, you have a flashy and strong thunder attack that can one-shot almost everyone, sufficient to rank the character at the top of the Elemental Powers Tycoon tier list.


This character can stop time and slow down enemies, holding an exciting kit of skills and well-balanced damage. He is among the most OP champs, although the S bar rang for the excellent invisibility skill. You can go unnoticed by your adversary for a short time, making for a comeback moment in every fight if used strategically. If you are into time manipulation and want to become the invisible man, here’s your chance.


Hashirama is the master of nature manipulation, an influential figure from the Naruto series. In the game, he is famous for his wood and tree attacks. One of his unique skills is the ability to pull any enemy in a specific direction, which you can use to send them towards your deadly attack range strategically. I also consider the damage high, which makes him easily qualified for the S tier.


You are now coming to my favourite character, and you will understand why once you try technology. He has the best skill kit with high damage output. The sword he holds can throw projectiles every third strike with no cooldown, and he can summon two large hexagon-shaped cells that fire towards the cursor’s position. But these are not the only high perks! You can summon a turret that hits enemies around, levitate, and become invulnerable to damage while being able to cast skills. And finally, creating a tesseract that sucks anyone approaching it to deal 63 damage over nine pulses. This character is your best pick if you want to dominate EPT easily.


Bones is another OP champ, well-known for having almost average skill damage, but that one “jealousy” skill that can one-shot everyone sets the bar high to be in the S tier. I would recommend it for those who want to abuse one skill and get the most out of the kills.



Darkness is another representative on the list


Darkness is powerful right now. If you’re a Madara Uchiha wannabe, you will enjoy this pick. The kit resembles the purple shadows and the special Giant Hand move that pulls opponents underneath. Catching someone in that is an inevitable knockout. There’s also the ability to teleport forward for a surprising attack or to dodge enemy overkill skills. Overall, darkness is considered strong, but it’s not the best choice; the downside is that it’s hard to hit your main skill which makes winning a gamble.


Light is Admiral Kisaru from One Piece. All fans of the series will recognise this figure instantly. The character has a fantastic set of skills and abilities. You can run fast, teleport, and damage your enemies significantly. Remember that high mobility is necessary in this game, and people who can master this character will also be hard to kill.


Space, represented by an astronaut’s skin, is an above-average character with a mix of solid and weak weapons. However, it made it easy to reach the A tier thanks to the unique UFO skill and the significant damage of some of his guns. Another downside is his melee weapon, which is not the best to swing around.


Denji represented the devil from the Chainsaw Man series; perfect skin and above-average skills made it easy to get into the A-tier list. The damage and the mobility skills are well balanced. The character mainly focuses on wielding a devil sword that deals hellfire damage over three cycles, teleporting to the cursor’s direction with damage upon landing, and throwing puddles of black fluid as projectiles. Devil is very entertaining and strong at the same time. However, why not in the S tier? The answer is simple: I’m considering how tough it is the land some skills.


Venom is a toxic character, as the name implies. He uses poison, which deals continuous damage and empowers attacks. He holds a stunning ability, self-buff (health and speed) and bubbling venom, which covers a wide area. The character is a good choice, with many players already invested in mastering him. The melee damage could be better, and it is the only downside of this character.



Ice character in the middle of the Elemental Powers Tycoon tier list


Ice, a character as cold as Esdeath, has the most exciting skill in stun, which limits the enemy’s mobility and jump power. It is super-efficient against high-mobility tycoons. However, it does come without a downside. The skill set doesn’t hit hard for overkill, and she lacks burst damage, making her a laid-back character requiring patience. She is undoubtedly the best pick if you’re into that play style.


Admiral Issho represents gravity from One Piece, but this time, the character is in the okay-ish category. It has some good stuff and skills but remains in the B category if we talk about the best powers, as other Tycoons could easily overpower it. The other downside is his firepower hitbox, which is hard to land and needs to be more dominant on the battlefield.


We place the crystal in the B category, the coin of average characters, because her kill options aren’t as deadly as they should be, making it a bit hard to deal with enemies. The more you play her, the more you discover how challenging the character is.




Fire is somewhat useless, as sadly represented by Naruto, but it has one of the best skins in the game. The number of combos you must do to defeat someone is tremendously annoying. I wouldn’t recommend this character if you are seriously trying to beat some enemies. It could be a good choice for aesthetic plays and visuals.




Earth is low because you must be lucky to hit your skills. It’s hard to use since the hitboxes are small and your range is short, so you must get close to your opponent. Even if you miraculously land some hits, they won’t be deadly enough to eliminate your adversary, which is annoying. It’s not my cup of tea, but feel free to try him out.

That’s all for our Elemental Powers Tycoon tier list. I hope it is helpful for all the newbies. I’ll update it accordingly as the meta changes, which it surely will. Until then, have fun and keep an eye on similar content like our Anime Dimensions tier list, Blade Ball ability tier list and Ultimate Tower Defense tier list, to name a few.

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