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Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenants tier list


S-Tier Lieutenants

S-tier Lieutenants are the best of the best, offering the most significant advantages. Here are the S-tier Lieutenants you should aim to use in every team composition:


Karetta, the vice principal at Warmage Academy, is undisputably one of the finest water element Lieutenants, who falls rather neatly into the S-Tier. Even so, her appearance reflects an ostentatious and aggressive strong-willed personality that has a certain magic to it, a frosty one that underpins remarkably overpowered skills, rounding out a perfect damage buffer and crowd controller all in one.

Going into some details, Karetta possesses an active ability, Eternal Ice Jail, that’s capable of temporarily freezing enemies for three seconds. Her skill set also includes Crystal Blast, which enhances critical strike chances, and, finally, her ultimate, Power of Frost, which buffs both her and her allies’ Crit Chance and Crit DMG. And in a game where damage and crowd control matter, she’s an exceptional addition to your team.


Demonic Wolf

Demonic Wolf

Another water element standout is the enigmatic Demonic Wolf, hailing from the Bayant Mountain Range – an archetypal, proud, and aggressive creature that seeks to become the master of the Kenashi tribe. The mysterious monster of the Kankheer snow land earns its S-Tier rank with Bleed and Burst DMG abilities while his damage scales with the target’s missing HP, ensuring a perfect execution. Elsewhere, his ultimate skill, Wolf Tail, not only inflicts damage but also induces a six-second bleed effect, which is incredibly handy against bosses.


Death Knight

Death Knight

The undead champion Death Knight, who is under necromantic control, is an exceptional water element Tank. Armed with the Field of Specter skill, Death Knight grants ally teams Incoming DMG reduction and Invulnerability for three seconds. His ultimate skill, Ice Wall, further reinforces his prowess by dealing damage to opponents while lowering their attack by 30% for five seconds. Death Knight serves as a great sturdy Tank, DMG debuffer and Invulnerability caster which, without a doubt, makes him stand at the top of the list.




Delphyne, the one-of-a-kind succubus in the fiery realm, not only attains the S-Tier as a unique addition but she is also available for free, gaining acclaim as one of the game’s top-tier healers. With abilities like Enchanting Torture, Lash, and the ultimate Enchanting Kiss, Delphyne demonstrates remarkable healing prowess, rescuing party members teetering on the brink of defeat. Her unique skill set allows her to not only save the teammate with the lowest HP but also intervene effectively in the heat of battle as she can mitigate enemy damage reduction percentages. This attribute proves particularly advantageous against tanks and damage reduction buffers.




Terrorfiend, a commanding force in the fiery ranks, claims his place on the S-Tier through his formidable DMG Boost and Execute skills. Unleashing the power within, he harnesses the basic skill Powerful Edge to increase his critical hit chance by 40% for eight seconds. This, coupled with his second talent, Shattering Blow, inflicts increased damage based on the enemy’s missing HP, proving his brutality and strength. Additionally, his Pummeler Storm skill descends upon adversaries, reducing their tenacity by 20% for a brief but impactful five seconds.


Archmage Herbert

Archmage Herbert

Archmage Herbert, the esteemed headmaster of Warmage Academy, stands as the epitome of support in the fire element, earning him the prestigious S-Tier rank. His exclusivity makes development costly, but it’s the healing Herbert casts sweetly upon allies that grounds it all. A title this big and sweeping needs an anchor, and his skillset providing a critical hit chance boost, attack speed buff, and AoE healing does quite nicely.


Winged Terror

Winged Terror

Winged Terror, the leader of the harpies in the nature element, secures a position in the S-Tier with her great DMG boost and healing abilities. The harpy commander restores health to allies and herself while buffing her teammate’s ATK through her Wind Blessing skill, making her a great substitute for the old man Herbert alongside being easier to develop in the long run.


Ruins Guardian

Ruins Guardian

Ruins Guardian, a stalwart nature element support, attains the S-Tier thanks to its steely, unparalleled DMG reduction and shield offerings. Transforming into a stone shield with his basic ability and attaching himself to the Hero, providing widely distributed shields through puncture from above, Ruins Guardian is a steadfast character that you can count on in the deadliest and most challenging situations.




Lastly, Nora, the offspring of Ashken Chief Mahasti, is an assassin-type Lieutenant. Leading the Ashken stronghold because of the existence of many tanks, the meta has traditionally been a tough territory for assassin characters. Despite that, Nora’s doing an admirable job at taking out huge targets along with the squishy ones thanks to her specific well-made skillset. Her ability, Dance of Assassination, inflicts deadly damage and grants a Crit Chance Buff, while her ultimate, Phantom Combo, not only deals substantial damage but also penetrates 50% of an enemy’s DEF, securing her a position in our S-Tier.


A-Tier Lieutenants

Ritualist of Agony

Lieutenants in the A-Tier, while not as powerful as the S, are still robust and capable of fulfilling many roles, making them suitable for various purposes. They are simply in the A-Tier because there’s always a superior replacement that could do their role better.

From here, the information will be more concise, highlighting the most crucial points for each Lieutenant:

  • Ritualist of Agony: Buffs its own ATK speed and might be able to stun the target for 3 seconds with a 20% chance.
  • Bridget: Offers the ability to weaken the enemy team’s damage reduction percentage.
  • Agony Interrogator: A useful nature Lieutenant capable of reducing enemy defence for five seconds.
  • Ser Charlie: A great unit capable of reducing enemy shields and offers increased damage against low HP targets.
  • Cabal Hellcaller: A fire Lieutenant capable of healing all allies. Not the best, but she is quite capable.
  • Infernal Cerberus: A good fire Lieutenant offers the ability to buff a fire ally’s critical chance with a chance to stun the enemy for two and a half seconds.
  • Frost Colossus: Can transform into a shield for the hero, and debuffs enemy team movement speed.


B-Tier Lieutenants

Haliburt Alemead

Lieutenants in the B-Tier are not the best but are far from being the worst. They are suitable for beginners to practice with and can be added to a team when needed, providing a balance of effectiveness and versatility.

  • Haliburt Alemead: Good for shielding and slowing enemy movement speed.
  • Karwood: Offers okay healing and shields.
  • Olivia: She has great healing abilities.
  • Big Mouth Huron: Attaches itself to the hero, granting damage reduction.
  • Wilhelm Ironarm: Has two skills: silence and crowd control.
  • Ravager: Has fine burst damage and stun chance.
  • Rime Lady: A great invulnerability counter.
  • Mountain Giant: Offers Healing over time and damage reduction.


C-Tier Lieutenants

Skeleton Archer

Lieutenants in the C-Tier are not the most powerful, but they are still usable based on individual gameplay preferences. They may be suitable if they align with your playstyle or if a specific element is needed.

  • Skeleton Archer
  • Red Protoceratop
  • Necronomicon
  • Valen Sentinel
  • Barbek
  • Mahasti
  • Astarak
  • Treant

With this, we come to the end of our Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenants tier list. If you have any thoughts on it, let’s discuss them in the comments below. Additionally, if you love this genre, we have a few more suggestions – you can take a peek at the best aRPGs on Android.

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