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Brave Nine tier list – Each character ranked by their class

Updated on July 10th, 2024 – Version:  2.56.22

We have created a complete Brave Nine tier list of all the best units in the game released thus far in the global version, so if you want to create a viable team, our article should help you have a better understanding of which units to pick based on their trait/class.

Since deciding who the best units in Brave Nine are isn’t exactly simple – because all of them fill different roles and their true prowess shines through when they’re paired with other good units – you will have to try quite a few combos in order to determine who is right for your team.

Keep all your units and upgrade the best ones

This Brave Nine tier list will rank the maxed-out units, which is something all F2P players will be able to achieve if they allocate their resources right. For starters, you should never sell the copies of golden heroes you get. Make sure you combine them for making valuable copies of your mercenaries, so they’ll always come in handy. If you want to use something for ranking up your mercenaries, use the lower ones, such as the silver ones.

Nothing will really go to waste in this game if done right, so you want to min-max everything in due time (especially your best mercenaries).

Brave Nine tier list breakdown

In the game, you will find the heroes divided by class, and that’s mainly because you want to have a number of different classes/units that provide all sorts of buffs to your team. You will have your Mythic heroes, your Legends, Collab units, and the typical Warriors, Defenders, Magicians, and Supporters. We’ve divided the tier list into multi-pages where we rank them all to help you make better picks.

We ranked all the units available in the game that are 4* and above, so we skipped the 3* and lower since eventually, you will end up using them for upgrading your better units anyway. 

Feel free to use the links below to check the specific tier list you’re interested in!

Mythic | Legend | Collab
Warrior | Defender | Magician | Supporter


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