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Brazilian company Tectoy to release two handheld PCs, the Zeenix Pro and Zeenix Lite

By Supriya Karia Jul 10, 2024 #Steam

  • Tectoy has announced two handheld PCs, the Zeenix Pro and Zeenix Lite
  • As the name’s imply, the Pro is a more powerful version
  • The Zeenix will launch in Brazil first before the rest of the world

While it might not be a recognisable name for most of the world, Tectoy is a well-known company in Brazil for good reason. Way back when, they produced, published and distributed Sega consoles and games in the country. Now, they’re looking to get back into the handheld market with the Zeenix Pro and Lite, two portable PCs releasing soon in Brazil, with a global launch also on the cards.

For regular readers of Pocket Gamer, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that I found out about the Zeenix Pro and Lite during my trip to Brazil for Gamescom Latam. Tectoy had a sizeable booth at the event that proved popular on every day of the show. People were willing to queue to try the handheld, which is always a good sign, though not an indicator of quality, obviously.


What does give us an insight into that is the specs, which you can check out in the table below:

  Zeenix Lite Zeenix Pro
Screen 6-inch Full HD, 60 Hz refresh rate 6-inch Full HD, 60 Hz refresh rate
Processor AMD 3050e processor Ryzen 7 6800U
Graphics Card AMD Radeon Graphics AMD RDNA Radeon 680m
Storage  256GB SSD (Expandable with microSD) 512GB SSD (Expandable with microSD)

And don’t worry if that as might as well be in a different language. If you head over to the Zeenix website, you can find another, better-looking table than mine, which details the graphic settings, resolution and frame rates that it can run specific popular games. Real-world examples like that are often better than cold hard numbers.

The Zeenix Pro and Lite will come pre-installed with the Zeenix Hub, which promises to streamline your games from various stores into one convenient location. It’s entirely optional, though, so if you’d rather stick with what you know, you’re free to do so.

There’s currently no word on the price for either version of the Zeenix, nor do we know when it will launch in Brazil beyond ‘soon’. Do stay tuned to Pocket Gamer, though, because we’ll let you know when we learn anything.

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